Mistakes People Make When Buying Auto Insurance

People make a lot of mistakes when they shop for auto insurance. Some of the biggest mistakes that people make are listed below.

Rushing the insurance process

People love driving their car but when it comes to doing the required paper work and documentation to drive legally, they hate it. Whenever you plan to buy insurance, plan your time so that you and your insurance agent can do all the paperwork and your insurance ID cards can be received by you. Everyone knows how long a visit to the DMV takes and also it is known that they don’t operate online. So make sure to free yourself so that you have enough time to get your car, insurance documents and visit your nearest DMV during its business hours.

Shop without a bank account

There are many insurance companies which offer you discounts if you are paying from your bank accounts. You will also be speeding up the process of getting your auto insurance since the payments are instant. So before buying your insurance, make sure that you have setup your bank account and it is in good standing financially and automatic payments are enabled. This will help in keeping your policy rates low and you will have a stress free car insurance shopping.

Insuring a vehicle that you don’t own

In case you meet with an unfortunate accident and you realize that you are not covered since you don’t own the vehicle, it will prove too costly for you. There are many instances where people have tried to insurance their friends or family member’s vehicle but it is highly suggested not to do such things. Always insure a vehicle only if it belongs to you, or else you will be very upset when such vehicles meet with an accident and you will be liable for it.

Online shopping

In the age of internet where everything is online, even insurance companies have started paperless billing and they even give discounts. If you don’t have an email account, create one before meeting your insurance agent and provide your email id when buying your insurance. Doing this can save you upto 15% or more. Remember the more you save for the company, the more they will save for you.

Buying insurance without comparing

There are many online services which will help you compare rates across many leading insurance companies. Why stick to just one insurance company when you have the option of comparing different insurance rates and pick the best one? All you need to do is fill a simple form filling your details and you will be shown policies of various insurance companies with the lowest rates. You can the select the best one and buy it.

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